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When it comes to breaking the law, police can charge you with criminal offenses suddenly. However, other times you can see troubles coming. When you are going under a criminal investigation it can be a hard time for you to know whether you need a criminal defense attorney in Clearwater Beach.

If you have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense, it is important to seek legal representation as soon as possible. Criminal defense attorneys in Clearwater Beach from Fletcher & Fletcher can provide guidance and advice throughout the criminal justice process, and will work to protect your rights and interests.

In some cases, it may be advisable to hire a criminal defense attorney prior to being charged with a crime. If you are under investigation for a criminal offense, or if you have been contacted by law enforcement officials, it is important to speak with an attorney immediately. Waiting to schedule a consultation with a lawyer could affect your process and your freedom.

In that case, we know that being under investigation for a crime can feel  like you are all alone against the police, the prosecutors, and the government. Law enforcements are ready to proceed with a rough investigation against you, peppering you with questions. At this point, you must know your rights and what to do in order to have a favorable outcome. Remember always your first right, get assistance of a criminal defense attorney in Clearwater Beach.

Our skilled criminal defense lawyers at Fletcher & Fletcher Criminal Defense understand the criminal justice system in Florida inside and out. We have a good track record of successful cases along the years. We can quickly assess you and review your case. It is never a bad idea to have a lawyer at your side when things get complicated.

What is a Criminal Defense Attorney?

Criminal defense attorneys provide legal representation to a person facing criminal investigation or charges. As many people may know, we have the right to hire our own criminal defense attorney or the justice system will get us one.

Our criminal defense attorneys are highly trained to navigate the complexities of  Florida criminal law and manage a great number of tasks to help our clients. One major responsibility performed by our attorneys is to investigate the case and examine the evidence. Legal representation of the client in court is just one among other responsibilities

Mentioning other tasks, they have to manage the jury selection process, participate in bargaining processes, etc. another crucial aspect in the criminal defense process is that our skilled criminal defense attorney can help defendants manage their feelings of fear, embarrassment, or anxiety that criminal charges may provoke. They provide to the clients a comprehensive study of the case and an objective perspective on their situation, how can they resolve this situation.

Why you should get a criminal defense attorney in Clearwater Beach

It is almost impossible to represent yourself in a court of law when facing criminal charges, for the criminal justice system virtually this can not be. No matter how well-educated you are, it is going to be hard to fight against the system and worse against prosecutors. That is why our skilled criminal defense attorneys are irreplaceable in your criminal defense. They know the justice system inside and out, and can give you the best chance of a successful outcome. Again, no matter how well you know your rights, a good criminal defense lawyer knows everything about important legal rules and procedures.

An experienced lawyer is familiar with local court customs. They will also have understanding of possible hidden consequences of an adverse outcome and what to do next. Your criminal defense attorney from Rick Fletcher Law Practice will spend time on your case that you may not be able to spare while you are taking care of your family or career.

Here are some specific scenarios that can occur to you:

  • You witnessed an event that can be considered as a crime scene

The police may retain you just to ask some questions. On one hand, if you witnessed an event but actually you do not know anything about it or you are not related to it, then you are probably safe to talk with the police. Anyways, you need to be aware of what you say and how you act.

The police officers may think of clues or valuable information you are hiding because of your words or behavior. They will investigate everything. An inexperienced officer could get the wrong idea about your words, and before you know it, you could be their prime suspect.

On the other hand, If the police want your statement you can always call a criminal defense attorney and discuss your participation in the given event and how you were involved. If the facts you described raise suspicions or misplaced allegations, you may wish to call a lawyer just to make sure your rights are protected.

  • You are arrested for a crime

We agree this is the most obvious time when you need a criminal defense attorney in Clearwater Beach. The short time you have before that you are actually detained by the police or placed under arrest is where you must call an attorney. If this happens to you, then politely you have to explain that you will not speak without your criminal defense attorney.

  • Signing a document

Something important to remember if you are involved in a criminal case is that  police cannot force you to do anything. They must have a reasonable suspicion that you committed the crime they are investigating. In brief, police can get warrants to search you or your property if they have enough credible evidence to believe that you committed a crime. Here is when you should get a criminal defense attorney.

It used to happen that police may say you did anything wrong and you are free of criminal charges, but they want you to sign a release document. Here is another reason you need to call a criminal defense lawyer. They make you sign to get access to testing results that may show you had drugs or alcohol in your system.


Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in Clearwater Beach

Time is crucial when it comes to criminal defense. Whether you or a loved one is being questioned by the police or is facing criminal charges, call as soon as possible our experienced and professional criminal defense attorneys in Clearwater Beach.

There is no case that is too small or complex that we can’t help. Our team of attorneys can help you navigate your criminal charges and fight for your rights. Our experienced team of attorneys will give you the personal attention you deserve. Contact us today.

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