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Jenna Fletcher

Attorney Jenna Fletcher | St. Pete Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer

Early on in my career, a judge told me that every client has a story that needs to be heard.

My clients are from all walks of life, accused of all different types of crimes – and people aren’t always willing to listen to or try to understand their stories.

But knowing what my client is going through means that I can represent them on a personal level – which can make all the difference in their case.

And I’m always up for a challenge.

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Attorney Jenna Fletcher | St. Pete Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer

My Story

I grew up in Maine. My family’s from Maine. Everyone I know is in Maine. For college, I lived at home while attending the University of Southern Maine.

But by the time I wanted to go to law school, I knew I needed to challenge myself.

I knew I had to move out on my own, so I chose Barry University School of Law here in Florida. I packed up everything I owned into my little Nissan Sentra. I made the two-day drive down by myself and moved into my apartment. Once I got my boxes in and sat in my living room of my new apartment, the realization hit me – and it hit hard.

I was here, alone, for at least 3 years to finish law school. I cried, and cried some more.

But I didn’t back down.

In fact, I dove headfirst into one of my biggest challenges yet: Trial Team. I wanted to get a sense of how a real trial worked. It was intense, but preparing for and arguing a case was intriguing.

Early on, we had to choose a side while practicing a mock dog-fighting case. Most people chose the side of the prosecution.

But once again, I wanted a challenge. I felt compelled to choose the side defending the accused.

Standing in front of those judges and making my case was exhilarating, but it also felt important.

Everyone deserves to have their side of the story told.

It didn’t take me long to figure out that I wanted a career in the courtroom, defending the defenseless.

So after law school, I applied to the Brevard County Public Defender’s Office. Soon after, I transferred to the Pinellas County Public Defender’s Office.

When you work for any Public Defender’s Office, the rate at which you have to learn is incredible. I cannot describe how blessed I am to have tried the cases I’ve tried alongside brilliant and dedicated trial attorneys, providing a beacon of hope for our clients.

I've handled thousands of criminal cases. And just like that judge told me all those years ago, every one of those people has had a story.

There’s something to knowing more than just a person’s name and case number that allows me to resonate with the challenges my client is going through.

And it allows my client to put their trust in me to relentlessly and passionately defend them.

Everyone needs someone on their side. And for me, that’s my husband and partner attorney, Rick. I have absolute trust in him, just as I’m asking clients to have absolute trust in me.

And it feels good to know that another incredible lawyer has my back through every case.

For both of us, it’s important that our children learn the value of hard work, a strong family foundation, and loving thy neighbor. I had an unconventional path to Christianity, but I have my testimony of what God has done for me and see the blessings in my life. I know I am called to help those in need and not to judge, but to be caring and compassionate for my clients and a warrior for justice in the courtroom.

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  • Barry University School of Law, 2012
    • J.D.
    • Litigation Honors Certificate
  • University of Southern Maine, 2008
    • B.S. Political Science
  • Florida Bar
  • Maine Bar
  • Pinellas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • The Florida Bar Code and Rules of Evidence Committee (previous)
  • The Florida Bar Governmental and Public Policy Advocacy Committee (previous)
  • Most Misdemeanor Jury Trials at the Office of the Public Defender, Pinellas County, 2015 & 2016

I take absolute pride in going to bat for my clients, and I am always up for a challenge.

I take absolute pride in going to bat for my clients, and I am always up for a challenge.

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“I highly recommend Fletcher + Fletcher. Rick Fletcher diligently defended me in my felony court case and got me the best outcome possible. He treated me with dignity and the utmost respect.”

~ Carleigh P.

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