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Murder Defense Lawyers

St Petersburg florida murder defense lawyers - Fletcher & Fletcher

At Fletcher & Fletcher, we believe that when you’re charged with a crime, you deserve a lawyer who will support you – not judge you.

As criminal defense lawyers, we have spent our entire careers helping clients navigate the legal system to achieve the best possible outcome.

If you’ve been accused of murder in Clearwater, Florida, we are here for you.

“I wouldn’t trust anyone else to represent me on my case but him.”

~ Jay M.

Definition of Murder Charges in Clearwater, Florida

According to Florida law, murder is defined as

“The unlawful killing of a human being:

  • When perpetrated from a premeditated design to effect the death of the person killed or any human being;

  • When committed by a person engaged in the perpetration of, or in the attempt to perpetrate” another type of crime (including arson, sexual battery, and certain types of theft, among other crimes).”



First-Degree murder

When someone:

  • Plans and commits murder (premeditated murder),
  • Kills someone while in the process of committing another felony (felony murder), or
  • Distributes a controlled substance that lead to someone’s death.

Second Degree Murder

When someone commits murder in the heat of passion or through a dangerous act that reveals their reckless disregard for human life.

Third-Degree murder

When someone unintentionally causes someone else’s death while committing another felony.


When someone commits murder without malicious intent (i.e., DUI manslaughter).

Penalties for Clearwater, Florida Murder Charges

Murder penalties in Florida can vary depending on the type of murder you are charged with, as well as the circumstances surrounding your case.

For example, penalties for murder in Florida may increase is if a firearm is used while committing the crime.

Generally speaking, first-degree murder can be punishable by life in prison without the possibility of parole, or even the death penalty. Second- and third-degree murder are usually charged with between 25 years (without parole) and life in prison.

Manslaughter, when charged as a second-degree felony, can result to 15 years in prison, fines, a suspended driver’s license, community service, probation, etc.

St Petersburg florida murder defense lawyers - Fletcher & Fletcher

First-Degree Murder is the only conviction eligible for the Death Penalty in Florida

The death penalty was reinstated in Florida in 2016 and is only imposed upon those charges deemed especially heinous by the court.

Yet, even with such a judgment system, not all sentenced to death row are guilty of their crime and – unfortunately – some were found innocent after they had been incarcerated. Florida has a higher exoneration rate than any other state in the U.S., having released 30 individuals from death row.

In such cases, it is essential to receive competent legal representation from an expert criminal defense attorney like those at Fletcher & Fletcher. Our team strives to ensure your rights are protected throughout the entire process and we will offer our full support during each stage of your case.

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