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Probation Violations Lawyers

St Petersburg florida probation violation lawyers - Fletcher & Fletcher

Being put on probation means staying out of jail and enjoying your freedom — as long as you follow the parameters set out by the court.
If you violate your probation, even unintentionally, you’re at risk of losing this privilege. You may face the full sentences of your original offense, including extensive jail time.

Qualified lawyers can help you navigate charges of probation violations, so you can get your original probationary period reinstated and avoid incarceration.

At Fletcher & Fletcher, we’ll stand up for your rights and build the best defense possible against a violation of probation.

“Mr. Rick Fletcher is one of the most amazing, caring, and considerate attorneys I've ever been in contact with. He handled my case and got me what I needed. He is an outstanding person that takes his time to understand the situation that you are going through, and I wouldn't have asked or wanted a more professional and get down to business type of attorney!”

~ Melissa B.

What Counts As a Violation of Probation in Florida

Probation is a court-ordered set of parameters and instructions that an offender must follow, as an alternative to incarceration. Its purpose is to rehabilitate the defendant and to protect the community.

The requirements of probation depend on the circumstances of the case, but here are a few examples:

  • Having regular meetings with a probation officer
  • Submitting to alcohol and drug testing
  • Remaining employed for the duration of the probation
  • Having no contact with known criminals
  • Living in, and not moving out of, a particular city or county without court permission
  • Giving up possession of firearms or other weapons

If a defendant neglects to follow the requirements of their probation, such as the ones above, they may be arrested for a violation of probation. According to Florida Statutes § 948.06, this happens when the defendant substantially and willfully breaches the conditions of their probation.

This applies to a variety of scenarios, but there are a few common violations that occur in St. Petersburg and throughout Florida. Here they are:

  • Failed drug tests
  • Moving out of the location specified on court documents
  • Failure to pay restitution
  • Failure to meet court-ordered programs
  • Missing meetings with your probation officer
  • New criminal offenses
  • Curfew violations

If you’re caught in one of the above circumstances, or another act that stands in violation of probation, you can face serious consequences.

Florida Probation Violation Penalties

When you are accused of a probation violation, you will have already been sentenced for the original crime. This means that you will have less legal protection than when you litigated the original crime: no jury, right to bond, or statute of limitations.

St Petersburg florida probation violation lawyers - Fletcher & Fletcher

A judge will make the final decision regarding a violation of probation. They may:

  • Reinstate your probation as it was
  • Make changes to your probation
  • Revoke your probation

If the judge chooses to revoke your probation, they can reimpose the sentence that the court came to when you were prosecuted for the original crime. This means that you may be sentenced up to, but not more than, the statutory maximum penalty for your original offense.

Without the legal protections of your original trial, plus the threat of returning to jail, you will need the help of experienced trial lawyers to protect you in court.

How Fletcher & Fletcher Can Help With Your Probation Violation Case

As violation of parole hearings occur without a jury, it is up to the defense to convince the judge.

Criminal defense attorneys do this by working tirelessly with you to understand the incident and advocating on your behalf during hearings.

At Fletcher & Fletcher, we have extensive knowledge of Florida’s legal system and have worked on probation violation cases in St. Petersburg and beyond. It’s our job to defend your rights.

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